class TemperatureCache(input: Hct)

Design utilities using color temperature theory.

Analogous colors, complementary color, and cache to efficiently, lazily, generate data for calculations when needed.

Create a cache that allows calculation of ex. complementary and analogous colors.



Color to find complement/analogous colors of. Any colors will have the same tone, and chroma as the input color, modulo any restrictions due to the other hues having lower limits on chroma.


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constructor(input: Hct)


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object Companion


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5 colors that pair well with the input color.

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A color that complements the input color aesthetically.


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fun getAnalogousColors(count: Int, divisions: Int): List<Hct>

A set of colors with differing hues, equidistant in temperature.

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Temperature relative to all colors with the same chroma and tone.